Ideal Ground


A hybrid public institution, MAGASIN des horizons defines itself as a platform for reflection, a site of exchange accessible to all and focused on the notion of permacultural place or an artistic third-location.

Supporting a multidisciplinary perspective, MAGASIN des horizons invites brokers of ideas, artists, activists, therapists, and rogue philosophers … to stimulate and encourage a way of thinking capable of addressing contemporary problems. Its activity consists in implementing ideas, engaging with artists most likely connected with women’s issues, as well as training a dozen persons in new professional practices combining art and society.

A true mirror of a changing society, MAGASIN des horizons invites you to dream the world rather than enduring it! is a national centre of contemporary art located in Grenoble, France.

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Ralston Bau, associated artists

In order to truly embody the multidisciplinary programming of the MAGASIN des horizons, CNAC Grenoble, the centre invite artists and other prominent figures working in design, writing, dance, performance etc., whose practice is open, transversal, and defies categories, and who wish to experience encounters and intellectual crosspollination. Long-term presence of partner artists and researchers fosters the creation of strong connections with local stakeholders.the intention is to associate artists and other personalities resulting from the design, the litterature, the dance, the performance ... They constitute an artistic community whose look, work, helps us move the arts center to new territories - imaginary, artistic and geographical.

Ralston Bau worked for a period of three years, on the transformation of the MAGASIN and the evolutive spaces of the centre, designing a series of research laboratories to create a dedicated ecosystem.

Photo : © Camille Olivieri « Ciel » de Jordi Gali.